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VT Group Sustainability Award 2023

VT Group Sustainability Award 2023, which invites the group companies to submit their sustainability initiatives and awards companies with good practices, has selected SHIZUOKA NISSAN, NISSAN SATIO SAITAMA and WESSEX GARAGES HOLDINGS for the award. 掲載用2枚.jpg 【SHIZUOKA NISSAN】
◇Details of initiatives
・Public-private partnership activities (Shizuoka Branch of the Japan Automobile Dealers Association signed a cooperation agreement with the Shizuoka Prefectural Police in the event of a disaster.)
・Organization of on-site classes on EV technology (technical workshops at junior colleges of motor vehicles and maintenance schools)
・Cooperation with the Junior High School Experience Program (acceptance of local junior high school students for work experience)
◇Award comments
"Thank you for selecting us for the VT Group Sustainability Award 2023. We are all surprised to receive notification of the award.
We are now focusing on the appeal of electric vehicles in the wake of growing interest in the rising cost of living, as represented by electricity and fuel prices. We believe that promoting and expanding sales of electric vehicles is the mission of vehicle sales companies in the area of environmental issues, and we would like to promote new ways of buying while responding to customer needs.
In our environmental protection and human resources development activities, we strive to maintain a comfortable working environment within the company, and we are always looking for ways to contribute to the communities and societies in which we operate."

◇Details of initiatives
・Reduction in the use of electricity, fuel and photocopy paper, and in the purchase of beverages, equipment, etc.
・EV vehicles (Nissan Sakura) were introduced as company vehicles
・Production of relay videos of SDG initiatives
◇Award comments
"We feel very honored to receive this award. We have long been working to reduce our use of fuel, electricity and photocopy paper, and we believe that the awareness and actions of each and every employee have led to this result. In the future, as a new initiative, we will create a video of our SDGs initiatives and promote them outside the company. As an award-winning company, we will continue to work on the SDGs to set an example for other VT Group companies. Thank you very much for this opportunity."

◇Details of initiatives
・Energy consumption reviews carried out at all sites
・Increase in the use of EVs in company vehicles
・Winner of "NFDA Green Dealer of the Year" for EV sales, etc.
*NFDA:. National Franchised Dealers Association (UK) (external link)
◇Award comments
"I am delighted to receive the Sustainability Award on behalf of all of our colleagues at Wessex Garages. We will continue to do everything we can to improve Our Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance credentials, working with our business partners and energy suppliers to ensure we balance both the economic savings as well as contributing to less waste.
The efforts of our colleagues so far have resulted in a 17% saving on electricity alone, and we continue to explore new ways of reducing the spiraling costs across our business.
It is vital that the VT Holdings continues to promote the message of sustainability across all aspects of the business as a positive message to our customers and partners. The monetary award will be used to finalize the purchase of our recycling bins for responsible waste management at all sites."